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Woman eats candy from stranger, becomes sick



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — A 30-year-old woman complained of a rapid heartbeat after consuming candy given to her by a stranger.

The woman was playing soccer June 11 at an indoor soccer field off Exit 17 on Ga. 400 with a few friends when they left to go to the house of someone she didn’t know.

While there, she said she drank some alcohol and ate a piece of candy from a bowl in the house. She described the candy similar to Jolly Ranchers and was purple and green in color. She said the candy tasted fine, however it made her mouth slightly numb.

While driving home, the woman said she began to feel sick, her heart began to race and she was sweating and shaking. Her boyfriend pulled the car into a nearby gas station and called 911.

She did not know any names or addresses, and the woman did not want a police report to be made.

She said others at the house ate some candy, too, but was unsure how many did. She then went to the hospital on her own accord.

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