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Woman accuses friend of stealing document



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — A woman said she suspected her friend went into her house and stole her will when she wasn’t home.

The 89-year-old woman said she noticed the document was missing the day before from a cabinet in the dining room. She searched the house with a medical technician who was helping her get over the flu and pneumonia, but they couldn’t find it. The woman said she thinks the person who is in charge of the will when she dies took it. That 72-year-old woman has a key to the house and had been apparently acting weird since the woman became sick.

The alleged thief came over two times and took two of the woman’s walkers, one of which helps her drive so she was unable to leave.

Additionally, she said the woman pulled the trash can in front of the garage door to block it. She also said the woman normally would call her daily but hadn’t spoken to her in two or three days.

She couldn’t think of why anyone would take the will, but wanted to press charges against the woman for abuse.

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