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Thief contacts financial adviser, bank



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — A thief sent out emails to a woman’s bank and financial adviser before she realized a theft was taking place.

The woman said she received a call from her financial adviser in March asking if she was planning on buying a car to surprise her husband. The woman didn’t know what the adviser was talking about. He told her he received an email from her account with personal information and account numbers stating the intention. The email was requesting $38,700 to be wired to the agent from one of her accounts.

Later the same day, she received a phone call from her bank asking to talk about a wire transfer to an unknown dealership for $28,500. She notified the bank that this was a case of fraud and new accounts were opened. She also learned the suspect created a fake email that was one letter off from her correct one. The suspect also emailed saying they needed money for surgery, which the woman said was also false.

The suspect also contacted another bank asking for $28,500, but they didn’t have account information, so the bank realized it was fraud and contacted the woman.

She said she closed all accounts and opened new ones. The thief also has the woman’s son’s information.

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