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The four ‘touch points’ for sales success



Are you trying to convince potential customers to do business with you the first time you speak with them? Do you have a process in place to build trust, credibility and a relationship?

After selling a new customer your product or service, do you maintain contact with them so you can get them buy more? Sales success requires multiple “touch points” not only to make the sale, but also to get repeat business.

The first touch point is the initial contact you make with a potential customer. This is not the time to sell.

It is the time to build a relationship, get to know the customer’s business and better understand if there is an opportunity to help them solve a business challenge.

It’s also a perfect time to share your value proposition to get them interested in meeting with you.

The second touch point is meeting with the client. If you’ve got them interested in meeting with you, now is the time to show them how you can help them.

Letting them know how your product or service with help them will get them interested in buying from you.

The third touch point is closing business. Whether it’s a formal proposal or a simple conversation, converting this potential customer to becoming a customer is what your hard work in building a relationship and meeting with the client is all about.

And the forth touch point is maintaining contact with the customer.

Ensuring the product or service is working well for them, and uncovering additional opportunities, will lead to

more business opportunities and sales success.

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