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Store burglarized with manager inside



ALPHARETTA, Ga. — The manager of Sage Tavern reported Dec. 21 that someone had broken into the restaurant shortly after he arrived that morning.

The manager said he had just arrived at the business, had turned off the alarm, and was in the kitchen when he heard a strange sound from the dining room that he initially thought was the ice machine.

The manager soon realized that the noises sounded different than the ice maker and went to investigate.

When he approached, the manager saw that the glass door to the enclosed patio was broken and he saw the silhouette of a person. The person yelled something unintelligible, but the manager said the voice sounded male.

The manager then ran to the parking lot and into his car to call 911. While the manager was circling the restaurant, he saw the suspect, face obscured, leaving in a small black Lexus Sedan.

Police found a wheel lug wrench by the patio and parts of the sub ceiling by the office were missing, where police said they believe the suspect had climbed up to enter the office.

Two cash register drawers that had been in a file cabinet in the office had been cleared, with $550 cash missing.

The manager told police that an employee had recently been fired two months ago and that he would have known about the cash drawers in the file cabinet.

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