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Pianos for Peace shares music with Metro Atlanta



METRO ATLANTA, Ga. — Two weeks of musical memories were recently created at 50 locations throughout Metro Atlanta with the colorfully painted pianos from Pianos for Peace. The nonprofit organization has a mission to spread peace through music and education.

“The fundamental goal for Pianos for Peace is to make the arts accessible to all and build peace through music and education. We do so by donating all our painted pianos to organizations in need such as local schools, nursing homes and hospitals where we impact communities and engage local artists in our year-round education programs” said Malek Jandali, award winning pianist and founder of Pianos for Peace.

“I founded Pianos for Peace, a nonprofit organization, in 2015 and partnered with like-minded community leaders who share the same vision and mission. I believe music changes people, and people can change the world” Jandali said.

The pianos were for everyone to play and enjoy, in hopes of spreading joy and peace.

“Hundreds of pop-up concerts have been planned by using our Pianos for Peace app. Through this app, the public can scout our 50 Pianos for Peace locations, learn about volunteer artists and the stories behind their piano design, schedule their own pop-up concert at any location and invite their friends on social media. In short, we are the largest symphony for peace in the Metro Atlanta area” Jandali noted.

By displaying these pianos in populated areas, Pianos for Peace predicts the 50 pianos will impact approximately half a million Atlanta residents and visitors over the two weeks the pianos are on display.

“We target high-traffic spots throughout the Metro Atlanta area to maximize impact and reach all communities. At Pianos for Peace we believe that art is nothing if it does not impact every segment of the people in our community” Jandali said.

The pianos are originally purchased and donated by organizations and individuals in Metro Atlanta. They are then painted by volunteer artists and students.

“The public response has been tremendous since we are one of the largest public arts festivals in Metro Atlanta. The generosity has been overwhelming, and we are already collecting piano donations for next year’s festival” Jandali said.

Pianos for Peace celebrated International Day for Peace on Sept. 21 by holding a concert and luncheon open to the public at the Fulton County Arts and Culture building.

Pianos for Peace will be holding a closing ceremony for this open music festival at 11 a.m. on Sept. 29 in the atrium of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Pianos for Peace volunteers participate in programs making art accessible to all throughout the year. For more information, visit

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