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Man wields 12-foot pole in neighborhood squabble



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — A woman recently accused her neighbor on Bethelview Road of assaulting her with a 12-foot pole.

The woman said she was in her kitchen when she heard a commotion outside. She saw her neighbor holding the pole while pushing things onto her property. When she confronted the man, he then reportedly swung the pole at her twice, barely missing her head. She said it’s an ongoing problem.

The 83-year-old neighbor said the woman’s belongings were on his property and he wanted them off, so he pushed them with the pole. Several times while talking with deputies, the neighbor reportedly became agitated and would talk about events that occurred decades ago as if they just occurred.

A deputy contacted Adult Protection Services and the neighbor’s sons who said they weren’t aware of any mental health issues. The Adult Protection Services employee said she had an open case with the neighbor, but was unable to get in contact with him because he was unwilling to speak with her.

The woman said she and her husband will attempt to secure a stalking order for the neighbor.

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