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Man loses two guns, suspects teenage worker



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — A man reported two of his firearms missing March 2.

The man said he went shooting with a friend Feb. 25 and when he came home he showed his teenage neighbor, who he had hired to do some exterior work on his home, the guns. He spoke with the teen about his gun collection and told him he usually keeps his guns in his car.

The next day the man left for the airport and noticed his gun wasn’t in his car, but figured he had brought it inside to clean. When he returned March 1, he noticed more guns were missing and couldn’t locate them. He said his car must have been unlocked.

He said the teen who was working on his home had access to the garage. The man thought it was suspicious the guns went missing after he showed them to the teen.

The man asked the teen if he had seen the guns and the teen asked if the man was accusing him of stealing. The man told the teen he looked everywhere and was going to have to file a police report to which the teen replied that the man “should look twice before assuming they were stolen because that’s a felony.”

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