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Lambert students win again at Chalk Walk competition

First-place winner Rina Yoo was inspired by realism in her artwork.
First-place winner Rina Yoo was inspired by realism in her artwork.
Ashley Young


SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. — Lambert High School returned home with yet another victory from the sixth annual Chalk Walk competition by Art Sandy Springs.

Students brought home trophies for first, second and third place in the art competition.

The students’ art is judged by a panel made up professional artists who grade it in several categories, including the use of color, originality, composition and technical execution.

Lambert High School has been involved in this event for the past six years and was one of the original competitors when the competition first started.

Lambert art teacher and National Art Honor Society sponsor Ashley Young said they the event has become a tradition, and they plan to participate for as long as the competition is held.

“Every student in the National Art Honor Society looks forward to the event,” Young said. “Students who are new to our NAHS chapter see past work and are eager to try it themselves.”

Though they have won every year, the students are surprised every time they win.

Chalk is a unique and difficult medium, yet each student is intrigued and ready to use it. The kids are encouraged to go outside of their comfort zone, according to Young.

First place winner and junior Rina Yoo was originally inspired by previous participants to enter. She plans to participate next year because the competition was a “real bonding experience” and she made several new relationships with her schoolmates and other artists as well.

“It reminded me of my childhood and makes me feel like a kid again,” said junior Daniel Sakamoto, the second-place winner.

The event allows kids to create beautiful pieces inspired from things like their heritage. Sakamoto was inspired by his Japanese heritage.

From the event, students create new friendships, are inspired by others’ artwork and develop the ability to adapt to a difficult medium.

The success and enjoyment within the competition is what keeps each student wanting to come back each year.

After seeing the impact and excitement that comes with the competition, Young said she wants to start a chalk competition in Forysth County to start a new tradition for all the area schools.

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