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Letter to the Editor

Keep war memorial in its present location



Recently I visited the Faces of War Memorial on the grounds of Roswell City Hall and was pleased to see the memorial had been cleaned after a long period of neglect.

The water, an integral part of the memorial, was again flowing over the faces depicted. This tribute to the women and men who served our country during the Vietnam era is sacred.

Now that the memorial is finally restored to the condition in which it was dedicated in 1995 I call on the City of Roswell to keep it working as it was intended.

On a related issue I also urge the City Council to reject the plans included in the City Green project to move the memorial to a new location.

Presently the Faces of War memorial is displayed in a prominent position on the grounds. I believe moving it would be an insult to all who served during that difficult time of our history.

Veterans groups have in the past voiced their concerns over the possibility of the memorial being relocated and I agree that moving it would significantly diminish its relevance.

—M. Kent Sharp, Vietnam 1970, Roswell

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