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Improving your sales process



Is your current sales process producing the results you want? Are you closing business faster and beating your competition more often? Have you spent some time evaluating the process you use to sell? Upgrading your sales process to make it more effective and efficient will help you to grow sales in your small business.

The first step in upgrading your sales process is to make sure it is thoroughly documented. In other words, what steps are taken from the time you uncover a new prospect, all the way through to winning (or losing) their business? Once the process is documented, you can begin to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the process by looking at the results it produces.

The effectiveness measurements should include how many new business leads actually turn into sales opportunities, how many sales opportunities result in a sale, and what your win rates are against your competition. The effectiveness measurements should focus on the overall time required to move from a lead to a customer, and the specific amount of time that is spent in each stage of the sales process.

Once your sales process is documented and measured, you can begin to evaluate ways to improve it. Streamlining your sales process by using technology, providing sales training to your sales team, or implementing a sales methodology are just a few of the many ways you can improve your sales process. Improving your sales process will help you to attract more business and increase revenue in your small business.

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