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Homeowner scares away would-be burglar



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — A homeowner scared away an apparent thief Nov. 8 after the person tried to break into the home on Clearwater Road.

The homeowner and her husband told deputies the man was in their house with a knife and flashlight around 3 a.m. but eventually ran out the back door.

The wife said she came out of the bedroom on the first floor and noticed a light, but thought it was a lightning storm. She turned on another light and then saw a person running out the backdoor quickly. She said the person was of “extremely slight build and moved like a teenage boy.”

She yelled for her husband and for the man to get out of the house. She heard a commotion after the person left as if they’d fallen or knocked something over.

There was a knife left on the floor that didn’t belong to the couple.

Deputies saw pry marks on the back door, which isn’t dead bolted.

No items were missing and a K9 could not locate the subject. However a pair of blue rubber gloves and a flashlight, belonging to the family, were located outside the home.

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