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Hacker transfers $295,500 from business’ account



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — Almost $300,000 was reportedly stolen from a bank account at a local business.

A manager said an unknown person hacked into one of his employee’s email account and forged wire transfer documents totaling $295,500.

The employee was out of the office recently, and when she returned she noticed her email would not receive messages. She contacted the company’s IT department which said her account was hacked and a program or device was on the computer stopping the emails from coming in.

Later, the woman was going over the bank accounts and noticed some suspicious wire transfers she didn’t authorize for $98,000 and $200,000.

Further investigation found the account was hacked and whoever did it could retrieve a wire transfer request from the emails.

The suspect altered the emails and sent them back to the bank. The alterations were made to look like the business was moving money from one account to another.

The business suspects an ex-employee was possibly involved because that man had access to the email account and knew how wire transfers were done in the company.

The same ex-employee may have taken the computer from his office after being fired while clearing out his desk overnight.

The business contacted the banks and the FBI.

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