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Forysth County seeks resident input on retirement plans



Forsyth County, Ga. — Due to the recent adoption of the Forsyth County Comprehensive Plan, Forsyth County is conducting a study and seeking residents’ input on a topic identified in the plan as an important priority for the county – aging in place and multi-generational housing.

The Forsyth County Demographics Study for Aging in Place will provide research for officials on resident housing preferences for plans for staying in the county through their retirement years.

The study is being conducted in coordination with the Forsyth County Comprehensive Plan which identifies aging in place and multi-generational housing as an important priority.

The study will examine demographic trends, needs and housing preferences of residents to properly plan for a growing aging community.

An important component of the study will be a citizen survey, which will provide insight on residents’ housing preferences and plans for staying in the county through their retirement years.

The survey will be available for resident participation until Dec. 3.

Residents can complete the survey online at or complete a hard copy of the survey at the county’s Senior Services locations, libraries and County Administration Building.

For more information about the study, contact Jonathan Gelber, Bleakly Advisory Group, at

404-845-3550 or via email at

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