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Blackbox Special Report: Part VI

Forsyth County provides plenty of open communication



Forsyth County is setting the bar high for transparency.

The public has numerous ways to reach elected officials from traditional methods like email and telephone, but also through the recently installed Commissioner News portal. Board members each have a page they are able to update on their own to give more up-to-date information and stay in contact better. Commissioners seem to respond back to messages as quickly as possible, or forward on the request to someone better equipped to answer the requested information.

For those unable to attend board meetings, the county has a thorough calendar online that includes meeting notices, agendas, summaries, minutes and videos, if available. The live video links date back two years and a link is provided for archived videos. Additionally, the county has a video stream on the government access television channel. It steams a variety of county meetings and programming of interest to residents. A schedule of programs is provided as well.

Interactive maps of all kinds, including zoning, transportation and property records are available to the public.

It seems like the county is taking into account the community’s requests for more ways to contact elected officials. From the TV channel to the website to Facebook, Forsyth County continues to provide plenty of opportunities for residents to stay informed.

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