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Ferrari Maserati of Atlanta gets ‘state-of-the-art’ renovation

Showrooms doubled in size



ROSWELL, Ga. — Every car brand brings with it an expectation, says Ferrari Maserati of Atlanta GM Will Campbell. So when Ferrari and Maserati are considered, one anticipates the best.

“The expectation of Ferrari and Maserati is that you come into a state-of-the-art facility that has state-of-the-art cars with state-of-the-art service,” Campbell said.

But since the Roswell dealership on Ga. 9 opened in 2001, the dealer for two of the most celebrated car brands in the world has grown out of modernity. Beginning last October, the dealership began a massive renovation to create the contemporary, sleek atmosphere in its showroom expected from the highly touted Italian manufacturers.

The overhaul will double the showroom space for both manufacturers and increase the dealer’s footprint to nearly 11,000-square-feet, up from 4,500.

The final touches are being put in place on the larger portion of the renovation, with the Maserati side to be completed late this year.

The initial reason for the update and expansion was due to demand, which has risen for some time, Campbell said. And it’s not as simple as storing cars in the parking lot.

“You don’t store Ferrari’s outside,” Campbell said. “You want a climate-controlled environment.”

With the renovation, the Ferrari side of the dealer will now accommodate up to 24 cars, which Campbell said are typically pre-owned.

“Those cars are usually sold back to us by customers,” Campbell said. “We like that because it’s a car we know. We’ve always serviced it and have complete records on the car. So when a customer comes in, we are able to give them a full history.”

For those seeking a new model, the dealer has remodeled its configuration room, where customers can create a bespoke car, choosing everything from the color of the interior stitching to carbon fiber inlays. The dealer then completes the order of the car, which is manufactured in Italy and shipped to North Fulton.

Where Ferrari’s are custom-ordered, the Maserati portion of the dealership represents the entire model line and will also double in size.

“A lot of the time, customers have been driving a German high-end car for many years and they want something different — they want to try an Italian car,” Campbell said. “We have enough of a selection where someone can come in and drive home a Maserati that day, but if they choose to build a custom car we also do that.”

Whether a customer is seeking a luxury Maserati SUV for the school run or a 950-horspower La Ferrari dream car, Campbell said the renovation will add to the dealer’s top-notch service.

“That’s what we are all about – completing that experience,” he said. “Italy does a remarkable job building amazing cars. It’s up to us to hold up our end of the bargain and create an amazing experience for our customers. And that’s why our facility needs to be the very best.”

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