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Fall Session of Seniors Enriched Living on Tuesdays

Posted by bestgram


Seniors Enriched Living (SEL) is a non profit organization that meets for four semesters during the year and the Fall semester begins on September 26. We offer two classes lasting one hour each on Tuesday mornings. The first class begins at 10: AM and you have a choice of: Health and fitness for Seniors, The Industrial Revolution, WWll 5 Star Commanders or A U.S. View on India/China Problems.

The second class begins at 11:15 AM and you can choose either Lewis and Clark Among the Indians, The Spanish Civil War, Black History or Re-Imagining Broadway.

You may start classes at any time during the session and take either on or both classes. You can change classes on a weekly basis.Our instructors are all volunteers and extremely talented.

We also offer classes on Thursdays at a different church. All c;asses for both days are included for the amazingly low price of $50.00. This is an opportunity to learn, see old friends and make new ones.

Although our classes take place in Roswell, we have attendees from all over the area.

SeL is offering a cruise to the Panama Canal in December.

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