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Deputies arrest three for mail theft, marijuana



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — Three men were arrested Oct. 22 after deputies stopped a car with a brake light out.

Deputies stopped the westbound vehicle on McFarland Parkway around 2:09 a.m.

Upon approaching the car, the deputy could smell marijuana coming from the car and saw several pairs of latex gloves in the vehicle.

Prior to asking the driver to step outside of the vehicle, the deputy asked if he had any weapons and the

driver pointed to a semiautomatic handgun and magazine on the dashboard.

The front passenger had an AR pistol lying against his left leg. The deputy stated it was “odd for both occupants to have firearms in this manner. It appeared as if they had them there for quick reaction use.”

The passenger later told the deputy it was due to needing protection when they go to their usual hangout spot. He also admitted to having a small amount of marijuana inside the car.

Once the deputy began searching the car, he found several pieces of mail, including an iPad under the driver seat.

The passenger said he didn’t know anything about the mail, but the driver said they found it on the street.

Deputies made contact with the person whose name is on the package, and the man said no one should have his mail or iPad.

The men eventually admitted they came to the area to steal mail.

They were arrested for theft by taking from mail, possession of marijuana and defective brake lights.

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