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Customer service comes first



Are you trying to improve the experience your customers have when they do business with you? Do you measure how well you are providing customer service? No matter what products or services you provide, customer service comes first in not only differentiating your small business with others, but also retaining customers.

The first step in improving customer service is knowing how well you are performing now. Listening to your customers, or formally surveying them will help you to establish a performance baseline. Conducting customer research will help you identify their priorities and expectations, as well as service standards they expect.

Knowing what your customers want is one thing. Actually delivering a service experience that meets or exceeds their expectations is where the challenge lies. Aligning your standard operating procedures to meet customer expectations, and training your employees on how to deliver high levels of customer service is critical to achieving improvements.

If your customers complain about something, it’s a great opportunity to fix a problem. Recognizing your employees for their customer service efforts will motivate them to continually look for ways to improve. And thanking your customers for pointing out service issues will encourage them to continually communicate with you.

Improving the service experience your customers have will increase their level of satisfaction with your business. Happy customers will not only do more business with you; they will also share their experience with others, which will help you attract new customers to your business. Improving customer service at your small business will lead to better business results.

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