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County OKs zoning for $60M deluxe garage



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — Forsyth County commissioners approved rezoning a 26-acre site off McFarland Parkway Oct. 19 to allow for construction of a luxury car garage.

The Stables Motor Plaza will be split into two sections, retail in the front and garages in the back.

Chad Lagomarsino, partner with Destination Development Partners Inc., said the zoning change will make way for the “upscale retail village.”

“Our development enhances this area of McFarland Parkway that is mostly industrial now,” Lagomarsino said. “Our design plans for the retail village are to make it easily accessible, inviting to visitors with an abundance of different shopping experiences for the auto enthusiasts, restaurants and more. Rooftop experiences will be throughout the development.”

The retail could consist of a high-end car wash, coffee shop, rooftop restaurant and a high-end car dealership.

Plans also include an event space for public or private use, as well as a wetlands area that will be maintained similar to a nature center.

Plans call for the back of the property to host 150 private, gated garage buildings, similar to condominiums, where buyers store their luxury cars.

They will be developed in two phases and will be sold similar to office condominiums.

Construction on The Stables could start as early as spring 2018 with Phase 1 opening fall 2019.

The new development totals about $60 million and would create an estimated 150 jobs for the community.

Storage buildings will have different prices and sizes from 15 feet by 35 feet, up to 40 feet by 35 feet. Prices are still being discussed, but similar garages charge around $350 per car per month, but this operation may charge more for its high-end amenities.

No one will be allowed to live in the garages, although the areas will start unfinished and the buyers can customize them to their liking.

A management company will run the garages, including an owner’s association that will determine rules. A security guard will be the only person allowed to live on-site.

Jeff Beal, co-founder and principal partner at Destination Development Partners Inc., said the clientele targets anyone who owns a luxury car. The group performed a study of luxury car owners in and around Atlanta and found the core area of people who own cars costing at least $125,000 live north of Atlanta.

That population, as well as the access to Ga. 400 and Halcyon, brought the community to McFarland Parkway.

“When we pulled out the zip codes, there are 3,500 cars registered north of Atlanta valued at $125,000 or more,” Beal said. “At this location, there are more than 1,700 cars within five miles of this site. You pull from South Forsyth, Cumming, Johns Creek, Alpharetta and Milton. That core group of cars are registered right here.”

He said they’ve had a great responses so far with 44 reservations received on the private garages. One man requested an entire 14,000 square foot building for his personal collection, Beal said.

They are still accepting preorders for the garage condos, and they anticipate selling out prior to construction completion.

Future plans include a clear-span warehouse nicknamed “The Barn” that can house close to 100 cars in an open, climate controlled museum type setting.

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