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Collaboration raises all ships



Do you have a collaborative environment and culture in your small business? Do you and your employees like to mutually explore options on challenges you are facing? Are you encouraging your team to make collaboration a priority for solving problems? Collaboration in your small business can be helpful to everyone, and it will help you achieve better business results. Collaboration rises all ships!

Collaboration is defined as working with another person or group to achieve a shared goal. Collaboration is encouraged in many small businesses; however, the sought-out synergies and results are rarely realized. A culture for collaboration needs to be developed, typically by having the small business owner lead the way by collaborating with their employees.

Collaboration allows leadership and management to engage employees who are “closer to the action” when it comes to business processes, customer interactions, or the daily routines they execute. Employees who are more familiar with the specific aspects of how things currently work can provide some great insight for improving the business.

Collaboration can either be done formally or informally. While formal collaborative planning sessions are typically very productive, don’t discourage informal collaboration by your employees. Sometimes it takes a group to develop new ideas, and the shared rewards of improving the business go a long way to improving morale.

If you don’t have a collaborative environment today, it’s pretty easy to start one. Just let your employees know that problem-solving is a team sport and that no one should be trying to row the boat by themselves to improve your small business.

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