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Attentive Forsyth Central bookkeeper helps teachers stay focused



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — On any given week during the school year, Forsyth Central High School Bookkeeper Susan Henderson is responsible for keeping up with money, sometimes up to thousands of dollars.

Since 2011, Henderson has been helping the teachers in any way she can from taking care of supply orders, paying invoices, answering questions promptly, helping with paperwork and being accessible.

“By doing these things, I feel like it will allow them to be able to focus on their primary goal, which is teaching,” Henderson said. “I think what I love most about my job is serving and supporting others. I would hope that in some small way, it all trickles down to the students and their families because they are why we are here and why I come in to work every day.”

Henderson’s story at Forsyth Central began long before she started working there. Her parents attended, met and dated while going to the school, which was called Forsyth County High School then.

She also went to the school and was part of the last class at Forsyth County High before it became Forsyth Central.

Additionally, one of her sons graduated from there.

“This is a really special school for me,” Henderson said. “It’s cool to have my youngest come back and graduate from here.”

She went through the school’s vocational program learning typing, book keeping and record keeping. She went to Lanier Technical College after and went through the office and technology program. She worked at other places and stayed at home for a while with her sons before coming back to the school.

“It’s neat to come full circle,” Henderson said. “The special thing with Forsyth Central is the history here that you feel. You don’t have that at the other schools. So I’m a little partial to Forsyth Central.”

During the week, Henderson prepares the money boxes for sporting events, then collects it afterward and deposits it. She also keeps up with the school’s clubs when they need money or supplies.

An auditor comes in and checks behind Henderson to make sure all the procedures are followed. “I order the supplies, pay the bills and contact a vendor for them,” Henderson said. “With the money, you always have to have checks and balances. They take up the money and put it on a form and I check and make sure what they’re saying is there and goes directly to the bank.”

As a member of the support staff, Henderson said she enjoys working with the other members of the staff.

“I love being able to help people and support the teachers,” she said. “I love this school and being part of it. It’s all about the kids. Even though I don’t teach them, they get to use the supplies I ordered and I feel like I helped them in some small way.”

She also tries to spread her cheery attitude to everyone she sees.

“Every day I try to leave a positive impact because I hate when I call someone and they make you feel bad for calling,” Henderson said. “I try to leave anyone who comes to my door better than when they entered. I love being able to serve, help and support people. It’s rewarding to me.”

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