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Aspiring rapper arrested on forgery charges



ALPHARETTA, Ga. — A Canadian man looking to pursue a career in rap found legal trouble after meeting a man named “A-Dog.”

The man said he met A-Dog at a strip club in Atlanta and A-Dog said he could help the man in “making a bunch of money.” The man said he did not want to sell drugs, but A-Dog said to send a picture of himself and he would take care of the rest.

A-Dog supplied the man, who was from Ontario, Canada, with a U.K. passport and U.K. driver’s license. He then instructed the man to open two checking accounts and a savings account at a Roswell branch of Wells Fargo.

Employees at the Roswell location denied the applications due to insufficient identification and alerted nearby Wells Fargo locations that the man may be using fake documentation. The man said A-Dog then instructed him to try again at the Wells Fargo on North Point Parkway.

Employees at the Wells Fargo location identified the man, who was using the UK identification stating his name was Michael Lawrence. Officers arrived and questioned him, and he told police he did not know why A-Dog wanted him to open the accounts. He did not know A-Dog’s real name.

The man was arrested for first degree forgery.

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