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Area schools make their mark at state track and field meet

Local athletes win individual state titles



NORTH FULTON, Ga. — Dozens of athletes from north Fulton and Forsyth County competed at the GHSA track and field state championships over the weekend in Rome and Carrolton. Athletes from eight schools captured state championships. 

Chattahoochee led all north Fulton/Forsyth County by capturing four state championships and placed fourth in boys team scores for Class AAAAAA. Chattahoochee’s team podium finish was a first for the program. 

West Forsyth athletes Jack Haller and Liz Galarza each captured state championship – Haller in pole vault and Galarza in the 1600-meter run. Galarza placed second in the 3200-meter run. 

Milton’s boys team also placed fourth in team scores, the first podium finish for the Eagles in 51 years. Sam Bowers won the state championship in the 3200-meter run, and the Eagles boys had four total top-three finishes. 

Blessed Trinity had the largest representation of any north Fulton school at the state championships and the boys and girls teams both finished in the top-7 in team scores. The Titans had success in long-distance runs with Ben McCoy capturing the state championship in the 3200-meter and Emma Rose Bagwell finishing as state runner-up in the 800 and 1600-meter.

Jamal Ellis’ state championship in discus and second in shot put led Alpharetta to a top-10 team finish. 

Roswell captured two state championships. Grace Artis won a state title in discus, and Nate Wonsley won in shot put. 

Caden Ciul of Johns Creek won the state title in the 300-meter hurdles, and Jack McHugh of King’s Ridge placed first in the 110-meter hurdles. 

West Forsyth athletes Jack Haller and Liz Galarza each captured state championship – Haller in pole vault and Galarza in the 1600-meter run. Galarza placed second in the 3200-meter run. 

Sydnee Walker - Shot put 3rd  
Jack McHugh - 110-meter hurdles state champion, 300-meter hurdles 3rd
Orion Caldwell - Long jump 9th 

Girls 4x100 relay 4th - (Jira Smith, Morgan Millikan, Katelyn McConnell, Morgan Weaver)
Morgan Millikan - Pole vault 7th, 100-meter dash 5th, 200-meter dash 5th
Morgan Weaver - 100-meter hurdles 7th, 300-meter hurdles 7th
Jira Smith - Shot put 8th
Jakob Wooten - 200-meter dash 8th
Kai Williams - 100-meter dash 2nd 

Kori McDaniel - Shot put 2nd 

Girls 4x400 relay 7th - (Emma Rose Bagwell, Lauren Maresca, Maddie Heller, Beth Miller)
Boys 4x400 relay 15th - (Simon Corrigan, Will Griffin, Will Green, Andrew Weltlich)  
Boys 4x100 relay 12th - (Tim Bolger, Quinton Reese, Will Carlton, Ben Shappard)
Emma Rose Bagwell - 800-meter run 2nd,1600-meter run 2nd
Maddie Heller - 800-meter run 5th, 1600-meter run 5th
Anna Munns - 3200-meter run 6th
Chloe Ryan - High jump 14th
Jana Barden - Shot put 8th
Harrison Weltlich - 200-meter dash 14th, 400-meter dash 3rd
Ben McCoy - 1600-meter run 3rd, 3200-meter run state champion
Chris Turko - 800-meter run 7th, 1600-meter run 4th
Brennan O’Connor - 3200-meter run 3rd
Quinton Reese - Long jump 12th
Griffin Gilder - Shot put 8th 

Boys 4x100 relay 7th - (Kent Cherry, Preston Jackson, Damon Ingram, Marcus Workman)
Boys 4x400 relay 5th - (Kent Cherry, Preston Jackson, Damon Ingram, Kevin Watkins)
Kennedy Thorne - 3200-meter run 12th
Courtney Stuart - Pole vault 6th
Damon Ingram - 400-meter dash 5th
Marcus Webster Jr. - 110-meter hurdles 6th
Jamal Ellis - Shot put 2nd
Discus state champion

Sierra Sieracki - High jump10th
Paige Peterson - Triple jump 6th
K.J. Hirschi - 1600-meter run 10th 

Girls 4x100 relay – 7th (Genesis Young, Kemiah Scott, Peyton Pritchett, Kayla Williams)
Katie Meyer - 1600-meter run 10th; 3200-meter run 6th
Reese Crawford - 300-meter hurdles 2nd
Shanaye Berry - High jump 10th
Kemiah Scott - Long jump 8th
Ahmad Perryman - 400-meter dash 3rd 

Boys 4x100 relay state champions - (Rasheed Montaque, Ari Jahanfar, Omar Diaz, Ja’Von Douglas)
Cecily Mohammed - 400-meter dash 3rd
Jessie Gadson - Long jump 13th; Triple jump 3rd
Adrianne Smith - Discus 10th
Omar Diaz -100-meter dash state champion, 200-meter dash 3rd
Ja’von Douglas - Long jump state champion
200-meter dash 7th - Ari Jahanfar
300-meter hurdles 8th - Triple jump state champion
Philip Pyo - Pole vault 12th
Kevin Yang - Triple jump 8th 

Madigan Wallace - 800-meter run 8th
Allison Rothrock - 1600-meter run 3rd, 3200-meter run 4th  
Isabella Tremble - 100-meter hurdles 8th, 300-meter hurdles 4th
Makayla Wood - Pole vault 7th
Ramata Haidara - Triple jump 16th
Alison Durrence - Discus – 5th
Madelyn Horne - Discus – 4th
Caden Ciul - 300 meter hurdles state champion
Kwanza Robinson - Triple jump 13th 

Sarika Temme-Bapat - 800-meter run 5th, 1600-meter run 4th
Sophia Hamill - 100-meter hurdles 6th, 300-meter hurdles 7th
Kassia Karras - High jump 12th
Michael Smith - 3200-meter run 6th
Liban Ismael - High jump 10th
Jonathan Baker - Long jump 8th, Triple jump 2nd 

Taliyah Manning - Shot put 15th; Discus 5th
Hunter Cagle - Pole vault 13th
Laney Kronz - 100-meter hurdles 16th; 300-meter hurdles 13th 

4x100 relay – 14th (Dymond Harris, Megan Maurer, Nia Hinson, Jordan Smith)
Reagan Pasonski - High jump 13th
Jalen Kidd - Long jump 8th; Triple jump 5th
Michelle Bourquin - Pole vault 11th
Jordan Smith - 200-meter dash 9th; 400-meter dash 5th
Tyler Fox - 3200-meter run 10th; 1600-meter run 8th
Alex Gibbs-Poe - 100-meter hurdles 12th 

Davis Smith - Long jump 5th
Cara Doll - Pole vault 8th
Matthew Mazzacano - Pole vault 3rd
Ryleigh Harris - Triple jump 15th
Sam Bowers - 1600-meter run 3rd, 3200-meter run state champion
Michael Malkowski - 800-meter run 8th, 1600-meter run 2nd
Faith Bobak - 3200-meter run 5th
Marie Repasy - 3200-meter run 10th
Nicholas Yanek - 3200-meter run 5th 

Bryson Trigg - Long jump 14th
Marcus Alvarez - 400-meter dash 14th 

Boys 4x100 relay 9th (Josh Bell, Caleb Guidry, Aaron Goodwin, Steven Hecht)
Grace Artis- Shot put 5th, Discus state champion
Nate Wonsley - Discus 12th, Shot put state champion
Caleb Guidry -,High jump 14th
Josh Bell  - 300-meter hurdles 5th
Aaron Goodwin - 200-meter dash 11th, 400-meter dash 9th 

Ridvan Kazimov - Shot put 3rd
Kaylee DuPont - 1600-meter run 7th; 3200-meter run 6th
Milicent Bergey - 800-meter run 6th; 1600-meter run 8th
Louise Tocays - 100-meter dash 14th; 200 meter dash 16th 

Evan Eagan - Discus 15th
Kyle Brown - Discus 13th
Abigail Robertson - Pole vault 3rd
Jack Haller - Pole vault – state champion
Liz Galarza - 1600-meter run –state champion; 3200-meter run 2nd 

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