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The joy of meditation and a journey to the soul

I get asked to investigate many things, interview many people, and I have found it best to resist the temptation to pre-judge what people will say or do until I get there. Of course that is easy …

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Goodbye to the clowns

My 2-year-old granddaughter, Phoebe, sat on my lap and for a couple hours, smiled, clapped, stared, wiggled and ate goldfish. Every couple of minutes my wife, Christina, who sat next to us, would cut …

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Authoritarian governments are free from tough questions

The last time I wrote something for our newspapers it was for an interview we had with the last editor in chief of Turkey’s largest daily newspaper before the government took it over and shut it …

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Wake up and smell the drug crisis

Life in the Atlanta suburbs may seem pretty cushy. From the state’s top schools to drool-worthy shopping, we seem to have everything one could ever desire. We live up to our southern …

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I’m still an Atlanta Thrashers fan

When I turned 18, my father wrote on my birthday card, “Happy birthday. I love you. I hope it hurts like hell.” He wrote this final line in response to how I would be spending my birthday — …

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Continuous learning will help your success

Are you continually trying to learn new things? Do you allocate some time each week to educate yourself on topics you don’t know much about? Have you created a plan for improving your skills by …

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It’s bug time in the mountains

If you’re a trout fisherperson, you know that spring is that magical time of year when the bugs come out. Bugs? Yuck. I admit that sometimes I’m not wildly fond of the insect explosion that …

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Sugar Hill – Yes, Sugar Hill, exploding with downtown growth

A friend of mine asked me to go with him to see national recording artist Ben Folds in downtown Sugar Hill. Did I miss something? Last time I was in downtown Sugar Hill there was a large cemetery and …

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Keep war memorial in its present location

Recently I visited the Faces of War Memorial on the grounds of Roswell City Hall and was pleased to see the memorial had been cleaned after a long period of neglect. The water, an integral part …

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