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Dan Pile lives, breathes the YMCA credo

We had a farewell party last week for Dan Pile, Atlanta YMCA senior vice president of operations. There were a lot of people there because he has a lot of friends. I don’t think Dan ever met anyone …

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Goodbye to the clowns

My 2-year-old granddaughter, Phoebe, sat on my lap and for a couple hours, smiled, clapped, stared, wiggled and ate goldfish. Every couple of minutes my wife, Christina, who sat next to us, would cut …

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Authoritarian governments are free from tough questions

The last time I wrote something for our newspapers it was for an interview we had with the last editor in chief of Turkey’s largest daily newspaper before the government took it over and shut it …

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Wake up and smell the drug crisis

Life in the Atlanta suburbs may seem pretty cushy. From the state’s top schools to drool-worthy shopping, we seem to have everything one could ever desire. We live up to our southern …

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I’m still an Atlanta Thrashers fan

When I turned 18, my father wrote on my birthday card, “Happy birthday. I love you. I hope it hurts like hell.” He wrote this final line in response to how I would be spending my birthday — …

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Continuous learning will help your success

Are you continually trying to learn new things? Do you allocate some time each week to educate yourself on topics you don’t know much about? Have you created a plan for improving your skills by …

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Georgia State Parks launches ‘Tails on Trails’

We outdoor writers take great pride in reporting things exactly as they happen. It’s a matter of professional pride. And so, here, with possibly only a few creative embellishments, is my …

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MARTA stations the new ocean-front property in Atlanta

In case you missed it, MARTA is officially in the real estate development business. And last Wednesday, it hosted the groundbreaking for its latest project called Trackside, a four-story …

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Alpharetta should reconsider glass recycling decision

Alpharetta City Council should reconsider adding a fourth bin/truck for glass recycling as it has many negative environmental impacts:  1. Noise pollution 2. Air pollution (burning hydrocarbon …

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